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The West Virginia Association of Licensing Boards was established in 1981. The purposes of the organization as stated in the Articles of Incorporation include:
  1. For the best interest and keeping the high standards and ideals of the licensing boards created by the Legislature through the laws of the State of West Virginia;
  2. To help the various licensing boards continue the constant pattern of raising the standards and ethics of each licensing board for the protection of the citizens of the State of West Virginia;
  3. To upgrade the standards of dealing with complaints concerning unethical and/or unlawful practice;
  4. To work with the Legislature, its committees and/or joint committees, recommending laws for passage and advising and answering questions for the protection of the citizens of the State of West Virginia; and,
  5. Most importantly, to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the State of West Virginia by seeing that all who are licensed meet minimum competency standards.
Membership in the Association is open primarily to all licensing boards contained in Chapter 30 of the West Virginia Code. However, there are also Associate and Corporate, non-voting, memberships. The Association meets typically once or twice per year, with correspondence in the interim, to permit boards to collaborate together, assist each other, and stand together when issues of concern to one or all exist.

Association Officers
Linda Lyter
Linda Lyter graduated from Marshall University in 1990 with an Associate in Applied Science with a major in Business Management and completed her Bachelors Degree in 1995 with an emphasis in Sociology. She also completed a few semesters' in Health Care Administration at Marshall University Graduate College in 1996 through 1997.

Linda began her employment with state government in 1994 with the Department of Administration, Financial Accounting and Reporting Section, where she remained employed until she was promoted to management in 2002 to the Accounting Division within the same agency. She worked within this section as well as the Payroll Division until 2007. She served as the Financial Liaison for many of the State Licensing Boards and Commissions from 1995 until 2007. She became the Executive Director for the WV Massage Therapy Licensure Board in 2007. She also became the Executive Director for the WV Board of Acupuncture in 2008. Linda is active with the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards where she has served on the Nominating Committee since the fall of 2007. She is also active in massage therapy and acupuncture regulation on the state and national level. She is a Certified Investigator/Inspector by the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation. Linda was the Employee of the Year in 2000 for the WV Department of Administration as well as receiving several achievement awards from the WV State Auditor's Office throughout the years. She was elected as Vice President of the WV Association of Licensing Boards in 2010 and elected President in 2012.

Grady M. Bowyer
Grady Bowyer graduated from the Radiologic Technology program at Charleston Memorial Hospital in 1970. He worked as a radiologic technologist at Charleston Memorial until August, 1972 when he began his career with state government. Grady worked for the WV Department of Health's Radiological Health program inspecting x-ray equipment throughout the state. He continued that position until 1994 when he became the first Mammography Quality Standards inspector in WV for the federal performance standards for mammography. He inspected facility's mammography machines for compliance with the federal standards until 1998, when he began working in the computer technology section of the WV DHHR's Environmental Health Services office. In September, 2000, he left the employment of the WV DHHR to become Executive Director of the WV Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners (now the WV Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners).

Grady retired from state government in May, 2012 after almost 40 years of service. At that time, he had served the WV Association of Chapter 30 Licensing Boards as President since 2004. Upon his retirement, the Association offered him an Associate membership to follow legislative issues for the Association. In June of 2015, Governor Tomblin appointed Grady as a public member for the WV Board of Licensed Dietitians, of which he was elected Chairman in August, 2015. Governor Tomblin also appointed Grady as a public members to the WV Licensed Practical Nursing Board. In September, 2019, Grady was contracted by the WV Funeral Board to be their database coordinator.  In April, 2020, the Funeral Board hired Grady as Office Manager on a part time basis.  At that time, he resigned from the licensing boards as the public member.

Michelle Mayhew

Michelle Mayhew is the Executive Director of the West Virginia State Board of Examiners for Licensed Practical Nurses. She has been employed with the Board since 2006, and has been the ED since 2016.

She holds registered nursing licenses in West Virginia, Arizona, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Ohio. She has been licensed as a registered nurse since 1995. Ms. Mayhew completed a Masters in Nursing, a Master in Health Care Administration and a Masters in Business Administration in 2006. She has served on a variety of committees with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and on committees for the Council on Licensure, Enforcement, and Regulation.

Ms. Mayhew is also an adjunct faculty member in the ADN and BSN programs of three Universities, teaching mental health, leadership, legal issues and ethics, and research among other courses. Ms. Mayhew is currently working on her Doctorate.

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